Saint Bar Original

Single - $ 2.00 / Trio - $6 / Half Dozen - $12.00 / Dozen - $23.00

Saint Bar Chocolate

Single - $ 2.50 / Trio - $ 7.50 / Half Dozen - $15.00 / Dozen - $29.00

Chia Seeds

One of the worlds most balanced foods, Chia contains a perfect ratio of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds are one of the highest sources of complete vegan protein known to man. 

Whole Brown Rice

We use whole cooked brown rice in our energy bars instead of the industry standard brown rice syrups. We as well grind our own rice flour.

Farmers Market Fruit

We source our apples and dates locally from farmers who grow with the earth in mind.


The Saint Bar is an artisan crafted energy bar. We choose quality over quantity in the way we craft our product.


We Deliver to Local Bay Area locations and and are happy to send Saint Bars direct to your door using either USPS or FedEx.