Live the Sustainable Life

What Makes Our Product Unique

The Saint Bar is an artisan crafted energy bar. We choose quality over quantity in the way we craft our product. We make our product by hand in small batches, and the process takes over two days from start to finish. Unique to the energy bar market, we source only unrefined ingredients such as whole rice, organic fruits and super seeds. Our production process and ingredients sourcing results in a product of unique taste and unparalleled quality. Welcome to the Artisan Energy Bar movement.

The Story

The Saint Bar started when Patrick Noon got really sick in his early 20's from poor lifestyle choices. As a teenager he was heavily drugged on pharmaceuticals which created a lot of problems in his body. In his quest to heal himself from food allergies and clean his body from the toxins in the pharmaceuticals, he encountered some of the most. What started as an idea has manifested into a delicious and tangible food product designed to help people learn about the power of healing foods and nutrition. The Saint Bar is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, a large and often misunderstood component of the human diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are a building block in every cell and are crucial to maintain health and longevity. Many people do not receive enough of these healing fats in their diet and over time this leads to illness. By eating healthy everyday, one can avoid sickness and maintain a state of superior health.


Saint Bar dedicates a portion of proceeds to local homeless out reach, helping the less fortunate one bar at a time. As the company gains more financial backing, these efforts will continue to grow.

Zero Waste Company

Saint Bar Company is dedicated to protecting the Earth and inspiring others to do so. We seek to be a Zero Waste company, meaning we compost all our veggies, scraps, never use plastic in our packaging, and always recycle any waste from materials we receieve when we by ingredients from other companies that use plastic.

Our logo is a tree within a hexagon which represents the symmetry and perfection of nature being protected by our product which takes the shape of a hexagon. The tree in the logo has Twelve Branches.  We are committed to sustainability and are developing a concept called the Twelve Branches of Sustainability. This will showcase the 12 unique aspects of sustainability our company practices daily to protect the earth and ensure that our production makes not a negative impact on the environment but a positive one.

Welcome to the Artisan Energy Bar Movement