Saint Bar Original

Single - $ 2.00 / Trio - $6 / Half Dozen - $12.00 / Dozen - $23.00

Saint Bar Chocolate

Single - $ 2.50 / Trio - $ 7.50 / Half Dozen - $15.00 / Dozen - $29.00

** For our dozen orders we use returnable $3 containers that you will pay a deposit for. Upon their return you will receive a $3 credit towards your next order.

For our half dozen and orders of three, we use returnable containers that cost $1 that you will pay a deposit on.

Main Ingredients

Chia Seeds

One of the worlds most balanced foods, Chia contains a perfect ratio of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Due to high nutrient densities in chia seeds, they were brought by Aztec Warriors on their long journeys.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds are one of the highest sources of complete vegan protein known to man. They contain high levels of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to human health.

Whole Brown Rice

We use whole cooked brown rice in our energy bars instead of the industry standard brown rice syrups. We as well grind our own rice flour. Brown rice contains high levels of dietary fiber and magnesium. We believe real energy from food is derived from food in their most natural state. The closer to nature, and less refined, the more energy the food contains.

Farmers Market Fruit

We source our apples and dates locally from farmers who grow with the earth in mind . The quality of our product reflects how local and fresh our fruit is.

Seasonal Foods

The Saint Bar changes like the seasons and nature do, and accommodates to people so they are able to better acclimated to the environment and therefore live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.