Eddie Garcia / The Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar

When Patrick asked me to try the Saint Bar I was a little skeptical because there are a lot of people making granola bars. But when I received the Saint Bar it looked so much different than anything out there I was immediately curious and excited! The bar was delicious and fun to eat, you can taste the quality in the ingredients that are used. This Chef Bar is not only a local and sustainable product that uses the freshest ingredients available but has the restaurant quality that chefs look for.

Derek Bryant

As a full time worker and college student at night, finding time to eat proper meals was one of my biggest challenges. The Saint Bar gave me that extra energy and substance I needed between work and school so that I could focus before getting my next meal. Now I use them like a life-line. One or two Saint Bars does the trick. But it takes real restraint because they are absolutely delicious.

Sonjue Chung-Kolstov / Licensed Acupuncturist and BodyTalk Practitioner

Its very satisfying without being too sweet; its also surprisingly filling- one bar keeps me going for 3 hours! Finally, I'm very sensitive to any kind of preservatives in packaged goods, even the organic preservatives. When I eat a Saint bar, I don't feel any kind of alterations in my state from preservatives- it perfectly leaves me with a nice lift in my energy that lasts the whole day! Try a Saint Bar for yourself and see what I mean!!